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    AAA Show for Viasat

    Advance advertising of exclusive channels Viasat Explorer, Viasat History and Viasat Nature.

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Forbidden History

Our website invites everyone to walk through the darkest vaults of human history and together with the new show discover its legendary mysteries.


Forbidden History Forbidden History


For the promo of new broadcast Planet Europa from Viasat Nature, we designed a laconic website reporting interesting facts about our wild neighbors.



Black Ops

Website Black Ops reveals activity of different world secret services. For this website we designed illustrations, sending our viewer each time to a certain episode of our show.


Black Ops Black Ops


We revealed how animals survive and adapt in wild nature. For this we chose the 10 animals best remembered by our viewers and showed their adaptation methods.


Life Life

Inside nature's giants

Website tells about the evolution of the largest animals on the planet: about body structure and how an animal adapted to the surrounding environment through the ages. 


Inside nature's giants

The Salvagemasters

This story is about 4 sunken vessels and the dangerous campaign of their salvage.



The Salvagemasters

Great Continental Railway Journeys

The website invites one to a travel experience with British journalist Michael Portillo. Traveling from station to station on the railway route, he explores culture and traditions of prewar Europe.

Great Continental Railway Journeys Great Continental Railway Journeys Great Continental Railway Journeys Great Continental Railway Journeys

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