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    Big small wins with Kinder Chocolate

    Children daily give us reason for joy when making their first big and small wins. And mothers in their turn make children happy giving them Kinder Chocolate. When there are so many achievements, you wish to make more presents and multiply happiness.

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Every day brings to kids new wins, and moms want to share these achievements with everyone. We had an idea to create a place where they can show the world moments they are proud of and get presents for this, multiplying in that way happiness from big small wins.



We designed an online-platform, where mothers amassed collections of their children’s first achievements, and then shared them in social networks.  For that they received the opportunity to participate in a prize drawing to be awarded wonderful presents for kids, personalized engraved cups, sweets, & chocolate from Kinder.

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Big Small Victories collection

For the first time tying shoelaces, the first excellent grade for homework perfectly done, mastering bicycle riding – these and other achievements were added to collections by mothers. Using our platform, mothers chose an illustration for each achievement and that illustration took a place of honor in the online-album next to the photo of her Great Small hero.  

Big Small Victories collection Big Small Victories collection Big Small Victories collection Big Small Victories collection

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