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    Citroёn DS4

    Protest manifesto together with Citroёn DS4

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Project, client
Type of work
EFFIE Bronze 2012


We came up with the idea of providing an opportunity to people with an active life style one more way to express their vehement “no” to all what they are sick of, and to formulate a protest manifesto together with Citroёn DS4.



To develop their “No-manifesto” users needed to be authorized on the campaign promo-site via Facebook and say their “No” to the most annoying things: for instance, fashion craze or endless daily routine. Every “No” was followed by destroying the thing representing the annoying issue. The user’s protest manifesto was automatically formed on the basis of his or her personal data, fragments left after destruction, and a part of an original Citroёn DS4 TV-clip.

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