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    «Khortytsa Ice» 
    in the stratosphere

    Launching into the stratosphere a measuring probe with «Khortytsa Ice» bottle fixed on it.


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Project, client
Global Spirits
Type of work
White Square Silver 2014
Propeller Bronze 2013
KIAF Bronze 2013


The innovative bottle for «Khortytsa Ice» changes its color when cooled to +5C (the ideal temperature for beverage drinking). We decided to demonstrate the gradual change of the bottle color in an original way - to send it into the stratosphere.

Idea Idea Idea


On the «Khortytsa Ice» space program site we offered users the opportunity to determine the altitude at which the bottle reaches its ideal temperature and changes color. Predictions could be posted on the site and on the Facebook network. After the successful launch of the measuring probe to an altitude of more than 25km, we were able to fix the altitude at which the bottle changed color and then decided the winner. 

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