Project, client
Type of work
White Square Silver 2014
KIAF Bronze 2014


The innovation of Khortytsa Ice was a special bottle that changed its colour when chilled to +5 degrees Celsius (the ideal drinking temperature for this beverage). After consumers were invited to chill a bottle by themselves online, we came up with the idea of adapting this experience for offline use. Buyers needed to see that the bottle did change its colour at +5 degrees Celsius. A simple and, most importantly, safe way of instant chilling was required. Technical coordinators chose a conventional fire extinguisher, or rather, the properties of carbon dioxide which it contains. The temperature of CO2 vapours can be as low as -70 degrees, and that was more than enough to chill a bottle in 1 second.


Idea Idea


To realize this idea we programmed the vending machine to automatically check-in everyone who ordered coffee.  The coffee could have been ordered via mobile or by visiting the coffee machine website.


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