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MasterCard Priceless Surprise in Kyiv Subway

MasterCard has made pleasant surprise for Kievans in the subway

Everybody has got accustomed to the routine flow of the subway and does not expect anything special from the going by public transport. But for MasterCard it’s important to present for the cardholders priceless merry moments. 

Kyiv has become the fifth city in the world after London, St. Petersburg, Chicago and Bukharest, where it’s possible to pay immediately at the ticket barrier in the tube by contactless MasterCard card. Together with Oschadbank MasterCard mounted terminals for no-touch payments at all the stations of Kyiv subway.  

In commemoration of the gratitude for contactless cards usage MasterCard turned one day in the tube into the real fest – with fireworks, smiles and, of course, with presents for all, who paid with MasterCard card at the ticket barrier.

The biggest screen in Ukraine made of 48 monitors was assembled at Zoloti Vorota metro station on the 11th of March (5.5 meters high and 3.6 meters in width). When MasterCard cardholders paid per pass at the ticket barrier, due to TouchDesign technology the signal was transmitted to the screen system, and the words of gratitude and the proposal to get a present in a special window appeared on it. Surprised and happy faces of MasterCard cardholders were shown at that very moment on the screen in a real-time manner. During all the day while paying per pass at the ticket barrier with contactless MasterCard card the passengers got iPods, e-books, headphones, electronic books and genuine chocolate sets as the presents.

3 months preparations, 4 hours of screen mounting, 30 hours of shot material, 4 hours of assembling — and Priceless Surprises video is ready. 

More than 2 million people have already seen the video about priceless surprises from MasterCard and the number of views is getting more every day.


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