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    Pepsi #norm

    Together with Pepsi we’ve launched the online-platform #norm to give a chance to the youngsters to declare their uniqueness. What is norm for you?

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Together with Pepsi we’ve decided to support the youngsters and give a chance to everyone of them to declare their uniqueness: to wear pink clothes, to dye hair blue, to be trendy, to follow the crowd, to laugh louder than the others do, not to watch popular TV series, to mess around at home, and if desired – to put on a tracksuit and to express your mind freely. Everyone is unique in his or her own way — and it’s worth to be proud of it! And having cleared up in which way you're different, to say your #norm to the world.




For the #norm campaign we’ve undertaken a social survey, aiming at studying the trends, habits and occupations, popular among the youngsters. For this matter, 400 Internet-users aged from 15 to 30 years living in big cities completed online questionnaire. The questionnaire results have become the basis for the campaign — they were processed, extrapolated and displayed on the website in percentage and round numbers.

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On its website the Pepsi brand wonders «What is norm for you?» and asks questions from the survey. Each time the participant has got 5 — 10 different "yes-no" questions. The answers get automatically associated with the survey results, and in such a way the rate of uniqueness of each answer is calculated. The test result is generated automatically and proposed for sharing. Every user can share declaration about his uniqueness with friends in social networks, having said while sharing #norm.

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