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    Pepsi Retro 2013

    On-line support of campaign on the occasion of the anniversary of Pepsi opening in Ukraine, and the appearance of new Pepsi Retro on the market.

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Propeller Gold 2013
Red Apple Silver 2013


We feel excited about the idea of telling today’s teenagers about cool items and events of thirty years ago and of letting the elder people feel a little piece of nostalgia, so we launched “Pepsi-Cola Time Machine”.  


Switch over to the 80s

As a launching base for the retro campaign we used the Pepsi Likerzzz platform implemented by us earlier. By that time the number of platform members was 140,396. Having redesigned the platform and analyzed the users’ profiles, we “switched over” their modern interests and favorite music to the 80s’. We also provided information about significant events and items for those days’ young people arranged in time-line style. Every year beginning from 1978 up to 1991 was illustrated with five momentous things, shedding light on the main pop trends and tendencies. 

Switch over to the 80s Switch over to the 80s Switch over to the 80s


The next stage of traveling to the past was the lab where modern teenagers were transformed into 80s fashion experts. Far-out back-combed hair and accessories, created according to old photo-manuals in “Photo Atelier” and “ Quirky Getup” helped the time travelers to correspond completely to the spirit of the age. 

Transformation Transformation

Letter from the past

Having traveled back to the past we discovered the New Year Kyiv General Post office giving to all a chance to send greetings from the past to friends and family – a printed New Year letter from the 80s in celebration of the 2013 New Year. Exactly 30 years back when people enjoyed sending letters with stamps stuck to the envelopes. 

Letter from the past Letter from the past Letter from the past Letter from the past

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