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    Pepsi #sorry_mom

    Pepsi always keeps up with trends and follows youngsters in the coolest moments of their life. This time we created an activity where boys and girls generated their own zany memes  #sorry_mom, used for thought expression, that became popular on the web.

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Ukrainian Design The Very Best Of 2014


To develop a communication platform which becomes part of the user’s everyday life, based on the insight: «Expressing your thoughts is cool!»



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On the website users endlessly generated unique and varied memes, #sorry_mom, for their profiles in social networks. We gave them a tool for expressing whatever thoughts or to describe situations from life in zany or even philosophical phrases and pictures. 

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For creating memes and sharing them, users got not only recognition in social networks, but points as well. At auction they were able to gain cool presents in exchange for points: hoodies, T-shirts, players, mobile recharge, and caps.  


Your crazy age

Users shared with friends their cool achievements and feats in cool tattoo-infographics of the special activity: Your crazy age.

Your crazy age Your crazy age Your crazy age

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