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EFFIE Silver 2012


At all times the most important thing for young people was what impression they provoke in public and what the others think about them, so they are eager to express themselves, being motivated by the motto “I live for now”. With this in mind for supporting new Pepsi +1 we contrived a special society, where boys and girls had a chance to show their personality off  in a cool way.


You are what you like

The platform was inspired by the idea of helping our young users to gain recognition and attention just for being themselves.  The main mechanics of the platform became Like. The Liker simply was supposed to select Likers, events, music, and activities that he liked. Daily Likers who gained the support of the most users received special badges and prizes, and the most active society members received points, which they could exchange for different Pepsi presents.  More than that, every 2-3 months on Pepsi Likerzzz platform short-run activities took place where Likers could express themselves, getting praise and appreciation for their active stand from Pepsi. 

You are what you like You are what you like You are what you like You are what you like

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